About Us

Anyone who has ever clipped in hair extensions knows blending them can be a battle. How's a girl to get her glow on with noticeable breaks and bumps sticking out? Given our experience, we've found that a smooth, no-show finish is dependent on quality hair. You got that right. You can't just clip on run-of-the-mill hair and expect professional blending results. To give you a perfect blend, we've come up with the cutting-edge single weft solution for added length and extra volume. Say hello to the new age way of hairdressing. EZ Blend Hair conceals for complete coverage without leaving behind any stragglers sticking out.


By merging innovative craftsmanship with our extensive expertise in the industry, we have created the next generation of hair extensions. Created to give you a seamless blend without much effort, our 100% human hair extensions quickly and easily deliver a flawless finish you'll want to flaunt. Made from real remy hair, these fast clip hair extensions offer a natural texture that's easy to manage and even easier to blend. Hidden out of sight but voluminous enough to boost flat or limp hair without going noticed, these extensions will be your little secret and no one else's.


Besides the quality of hair, color matching also matters. And we understand it can be frustrating matching shades on a computer screen. This is why we offer 100% money back guarantee on return items. If the hue is a tad off, no worries just send your order back to us and we will make it right! We value your time, so we've designed our hair extensions to seamlessly blend in a hurry. No need to become a master blender or spend countless hours trying to disguise your clipped in locks. Shop EZ Blend Hair to experience innovative hair of the modern age.