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Natural Looking Hair Extensions

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EZ Blend Hair

We are committed to bring you excellent quality and customer service. Our custom hair piece is designed to conceal most of your hair. This allows your natural hair to blend seamlessly with the EZ Blend Hair. It is the most natural looking hair extension method for all lengths of hair. 

Money Back Guarantee!

We know it's hard to pick a perfect shade from out of a screen. If for any reason your order is not the right color match, don't worry we accept returns. 100% Money Back Guarantee

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So Fast!

"This is the most convenient hair extensions method I have ever used. It only takes a few seconds, I love it!"

-Andy Bapt (Makeup & Hair Artist)

U-clip Hair Extension

100% Remy Human Hair 16" length. Available in various colors. Can be washed, styled with heat, and dyed!


EZ Blend Hair

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Email: info@ezblendhair.com

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